10 Crazy Job Interview Mistakes People Actually Made

Learn from these interview mistakes.

Answering cell phone calls and appearing disinterested are surefire ways to make the wrong impression during a job interview, but new research shows that's just the tip of the inappropriateness iceberg when it comes to how some job-seekers are missing their mark.

These Are The Top 10 Industries Hiring New College Graduates

When universities closed their doors in March of last year, the class of 2020 faced an uncertain job market, forcing many students to pivot.

After the Interview: Sample Thank-You Letters

You nailed the interview – what now? Send a thank-you note, like one of these.

They're two simple words – thank you – but they could be the very thing that lands you the job. So, what does your thank-you letter need to contain?

How Well College Graduates do Financially Depends on Their Parents

Getting a college degree is often thought to open doors to higher levels of income and wealth.

But it turns out that another key metric — whether your parents also have a college education — will help determine just how much money you will have.

Post-College Depression: Why You Feel Lonely

Is it normal to feel lonely after college? When Brianna Baker earned her bachelor’s degree in spring 2019 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill she felt lucky to have a job lined up. Many of her peers didn’t. Still, the job as a public health analyst at a large corporation wasn’t her first choice for her post-college life.

Novelty or The Future? Job Recruiters Weigh up The Value of Video Resumes

When TikTok launched its resume feature this summer, it was trying to tap into a market for young professionals and graduates looking for jobs.

Moving Back Home After College

A Survival Guide for New Grads & Parents

For the current crop of recent college graduates, moving back home with mom and dad is so common that they’re called the boomerang generation. According to the Pew Research Center, 15 percent of millennials ages 25-35 moved back home in 2016 — that's a far higher percentage than previous generations when they were the same age. While this can be an amazing opportunity for empty-nesters to reconnect with their children and for those children to regroup, save money and plan for the future, it can also become problematic. This guide looks at the good and the ugly of moving back home after college. Whether you’re the graduate moving back home or the parent welcoming their child back home, get expert tips on how to make this a smooth transition and ensure it’s just a temporary situation.

6 Ways to Support Your Child After College So They Can Flourish as Adults

Many new graduates are navigating an uncertain future during the pandemic and may need a little more help while starting the next chapter in their life. "The likelihood is high that your college grad will be back under your roof at least for a while," predicts Susan Newman, Ph.D., social psychologist and author of Under One Roof Again: All Grown Up and (Re)learning to Live Together Happily.

Smart Advice for College Parents—From Parents Who've Been There

Even with the deluge of college data that’s available today, there’s nothing like getting the scoop from a fellow parent—especially one whose kid or kids are a few years further along in the process.

Social Networks & Friends May Affect Student Success

As college parents, we have witnessed the influence of our children’s friends. From elementary school to high school many of us have taken steps to encourage certain friendships or even to discourage other friendships.

6 Ways To Help Your College Grad Land A Job -- And Leave Your House

The helicopter has landed.

After 20-plus years of arranging everything in their kids’ lives, from playdates to summer internships, parents need to step back so their college graduates can step up.

Professors Analyze Social Media's Impact on Mental Health in Emerging Adults

Texas Tech University professors study the link between social media use and mental well-being through emotion regulation and perceived stress.

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