How to Follow Up with a Recruiter at Any Point in the Hiring Process

Whether you reached out to the recruiter or they came to you, you can be the first to follow up if 1) it’s been at least three business days, or 2) you haven’t heard from them in the timeframe they gave you.

Reach out using the same means you’ve been using, i.e., if you first spoke by phone, follow up by phone; if you first spoke via LinkedIn message, follow up by LinkedIn message. That is, unless the recruiter asked to be contacted another way.

How long should you wait before following up?

If you’re able to speak to the recruiter, ask about their timeline and when you can expect to hear back. Otherwise, follow the 3x3 rule: Follow up no more than three times, at least three business days apart.

Example #1 - They reached out first

Let them know what you’re following up about. Suggest a time to connect and provide an easy way to contact you.

Hi Phoebe,

Following up on your last message. I’d love to talk about the executive director role you mentioned. It sounds like a great opportunity, but I’d love to know more.

Do you have time for a phone call tomorrow? I can do anytime after 2 p.m. and can be reached at 804.555.3455.


Example #2 - You reached out first

Same as above, plus you might even attach a new project or mention another success to hook them further.

Hi Phoebe,

Following up on my last message regarding the open executive director role. I’ve attached my portfolio, which contains my most recent process design and results. My experience in logistics would be perfect for this role.

Do you have time for a phone call tomorrow? I can do anytime after 2 p.m. and can be reached at 804.555.3455.


How to follow up with a recruiter after a phone call

The recruiter might have already invited you to interview in person by the end of the phone call, or they may want to screen all candidates and then make their selection.

If you still haven’t heard anything in three business days, send them a quick note. Let them know you’re still interested, mention something that piqued your interest in the phone call, and make yourself available for another meeting.

Hi Phoebe,

Thanks for taking the time to discuss the executive director role with me last Tuesday. Sounds like the position is right up my alley—I’ve been mulling over the efficiency problem, and I think there’s a low-cost solution in changing the way training is done. I’d love the chance to discuss this with the hiring manager.

I’m happy to come into the office or jump on another phone call. Afternoons are best for me.



How to follow up after an in-person interview

When following up with a recruiter after an in-person interview, express your continued interest in the company or role and mention something that stood out to you. Give them a reason to advance you in the interview process.

Hi Phoebe,

I enjoyed our conversation last week—so nice to finally meet you. Sounds like Miller Group is in a great position for growth and expansion, especially in markets where competition is low. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot!

Please let me know what else I can provide as you continue the interview process. I’m still very much interested in pursuing this role.

Thank you for your time,


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