Interview Question: "How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Career Goals?"

Whether you're looking for an entry-level position or interviewing for a senior role, a question about achieving your goals is bound to arise.

The interviewer will want to learn about your goals and plans for the future to determine how they fit with the job for which you're applying. The most common phrasing of this question is, "How do you plan to achieve your career goals?"

What To Say About Salary Requirements in an Interview

There’s a point in every job search when you have to state your pay or salary requirements: a form field on a job application, a question by an interviewer. You know the employer has a pay range in mind. You don’t want to ask for too much or sell yourself short. So what do you say?

How to Respond to "Do You Have Any Questions for Me?"

As an interview draws to a close, it's likely that the interviewer will ask, "Do you have any questions for me?"

When you hear this query, you may groan inside, since it can feel like you've covered absolutely everything during the course of the interview. It's always better to respond with a question than to politely demur. Otherwise, you could leave interviewers with the impression that you're not engaged with the conversation, or that you're not interested enough in the position to jump at the opportunity to learn more.

Conflict Resolution Skills: Definition and Examples

Conflict can arise in many circumstances, including in the workplace. To successfully resolve conflicts, you’ll often need to read both verbal and non-verbal communication cues, remain calm and control your own emotions, and work to understand the position of the conflicting parties.

Are You Contemplating Dropping out of College For Your Start-up?

Let's face it, starting a business as a college student isn't always ideal. College classes and early-stage companies both require full-time attention, so balancing the two can feel nearly impossible at times. Despite this challenge, more and more students today are deciding to become entrepreneurs while still in college, which prompts an important question: "should college student entrepreneurs drop out of school to pursue their company, or not"

The Question You Should Always Ask at the End of an Interview

You landed the interview — congratulations! While it’s just the start of the application process, being invited to interview for a position means a company has an interest in learning more about you and thinks you’re qualified for the position, at least on paper.

Professors Analyze Social Media's Impact on Mental Health in Emerging Adults

Texas Tech University professors study the link between social media use and mental well-being through emotion regulation and perceived stress.

Helping Your Child Make the Transition from College to the “Real World”

Challenge and Support

From the beginning, you have challenged and supported your child. You let go of their hands so they could take their first wobbly steps, all the time ready to catch them and prevent them from falling too hard. Think back to teaching your child how to ride a bicycle—a classic example of simultaneous challenge and support. The “challenge/support” approach will continue as they graduate and begin the next phase of life.

The Advice Your Graduate Actually Needs

It’s that time of year again: when our not-so-little birds graduate and head out into the real world to pursue their passions and, hopefully, a steady revenue stream. If you’re looking for life-affirming advice to give your grad, the following quotes should help inspire this year’s fledgling adults to take on their biggest dreams with passion and humility.

Parenting Emerging Adults

Back in the day, when we were coming up, our parents considered themselves pretty much done with their job as parents when we hit 18 (or 22) and graduated from school. Today? Not so much. Now, we know that adolescent brains aren’t fully developed until the mid-twenties and, as parents, our experience is that our 20-somethings still need us ... sometimes a lot. Depression and anxiety are off-the-charts for this demographic (18-24 +) and suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death. So, what’s going on and what can we do to prevent disaster and to successfully launch our kids into adulthood?

How Important are Mentors to College Students?

There are very few aspects of the college experience more important than forming meaningful mentor relationships. Students need mentors to assist in navigating the complexities of higher education, and the uncertainty and anticipation of what post-college life has in store.

Boomerang Kids: When Graduation Means a Move Back Home

They’ve been called many things – the Millennial Generation, Generation Y, Echo Boomers, Digital Natives, Tightrope Generation, Generation Next, Generation Me. Now they are earning the title of the Boomerang Generation. If you have a recent college graduate, or a college student due to graduate in the next few years, chances are that you should be getting that bedroom or basement ready to welcome your student home again.

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