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Patty Block

Patty Block

Patty has approached each step in her career with an entrepreneurial spirit: from successfully operating a business as an independent lobbyist and political consultant; to serving as both the Legislative Coordinator and the Charitable Foundation Director for First Interstate Bank of Texas; to adeptly filling multiple leadership roles at The Awty International School, including Director of Operations, Development and External Affairs. The college-preparatory international school offers a world-class education to over 1,500 students per year.

Patty established The Block Group in 2006 to bring a unique perspective to the complex issues that confront women business owners, serving as a trusted advisor with fresh eyes and new ideas — turning roadblocks into building blocks​ for women-owned businesses.

Next Steps Navigation was born from a collaboration between Patty and Janet, to address the deep chasm between the drive for a good college education and the realities of entering the workforce. We developed this program specifically to help families navigate this critical transition.

Patty holds an advanced degree from the University of Texas at Austin and is a proud mom of three successful young adults.

Patty Block

Janet Neal

Trained as an educator, Janet has had multiple professions spanning from a public education teacher to career counselor, from administrative support to leading Global Account Teams at IBM, and from starting IBM New Jersey’s first Work/Life Balance initiative in 1994 to starting her own women’s coworking center in 2007.

A certified professional coach, a member of the National Speakers Association and the author of two empowerment themed books and countless articles, Janet has worked with clients of all ages and stages to help them achieve their goals. She is the proud mother of three thriving young adults.


Aliza McHugh

What are the benefits of coaching? How do you treat your job search as an exploration?

Jared O'Shaughnessy

What are the benefits of coaching? How do you learn to network and improve your communication skills?

Jake Wilk

What are the benefits of coaching? How do you create a good first impression? How can you convey yourself in a better way?

Karen Rappaport McHugh

What are the benefits of coaching for your daughter? After she graduated, we had an anxiety we didn't expect: What's going to happen now?

Dara Wilk

What was the hardest part of the job search for your son? Navigating the whole process. The coaching helped my son build his confidence and then apply what he learned at his new job.

Andrew Wilk

What are the benefits of coaching for your son? Kids can't hear this advice from their parents. The coaching helped my son get clarity, discern priorities and build his confidence.

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